Helpful Tips

Your quilt is important to me. In order to guarantee the highest quality and satisfaction in the finished product, please consider the following as you prepare your quilt for quilting:

  1. Make sure your seams are well pressed. Top and back should be flat and well pressed. (Press seams open on the back fabric if you have to piece a back.)
  2. If the quilt has a top and bottom, please mark them as such.
  3. Make sure your backing is at least 4"-6" bigger on all sides. If you are providing the batting, it should also be at least 4" bigger on all sides than the quilt top.
  4. When choosing a back fabric, keep in mind the thread color that you are going to want for the top. Light colored thread on a dark back or dark colored thread on a light back will create a major contrast.
  5. Ripples in the borders will not "quilt out" so be sure you measure them carefully. Take your measurement from the center of the quilt, not the outer edge.
  6. Please do not bring sheets for back fabric. It causes too many thread breaks.
  7. No buttons, pins or embellishments. These items could get caught up in the hopping foot and result in your quilt top tearing. Please wait until the quilt is finished to embellish.

Note: The denser the quilting design the more your quilt will "shrink" during the quilting process.