About Us

Bobby Hyland

Riverside Quilting began in 2004, but my love for quilting began way before that. I married into a quilting family in 1994 – both my mother-in-law and her mother were heavy quilters. My mother-in-law would take me to all of the local (and not so local) quilt shops to look at and buy fabric.  After taking a few of my quilt tops to longarm quilters I thought it would be fun to do the longarm quilting myself.

In 2004, I purchased a Gammill Classic Plus longarm quilting machine on a 12’ table. After a few years of freehand quilting and using templates with chalk, I made the decision to computerize my machine. This allowed me to incorporate digital patterns for precision quilting designs. I’ve been quilting for almost 12 years, having  quilted 4,000 quilts. I am very comfortable using freehand or computerized designs on your quilt top depending on what the project calls for.

I’m having just as much fun today as when I first started. I would love an opportunity to work on one of your quilt tops.


Riverside Quilting, 4841 Buena Park Road, Waterford, WI 53185

Riverside Quilting is located in a residential community a mile outside of Waterford, Wisconsin – walking distance from the Rivermoor Golf Club.

Being able to quilt in my home has been a blessing – allowing me to spend time raising my daughter and son.